Harness the Power of Google's Capabilities and reduce your organizational service costs by up to 40%


Leveraging Google’s powerful Autocomplete functionality is simpler than ever with our exclusive Spartan Autocomplete widget. As a Google Premier Partner, Hexagon can help you:


  • Implement easily. Create complex interactions with just a few lines of code and maintain the same user experience for your customers.
  • Optimize costs. Billing strategy and buffer options enable cost and usability optimization, saving you money with the flip of a switch. Stop requesting and paying for data you don’t need.
  • Improve results. Built-in developer guidance ensures an implementation that makes better predictions with fewer keystrokes.


The Spartan Autocomplete widget defaults to the cheapest possible SKU while retaining the seamless Google Autocomplete experience, effectively reducing your organization’s Autocomplete service costs by up to 40%.

Grow your business with Google Maps content and Hexagon’s location intelligence expertise, optimization services, and support. Complete the form on the right to request pricing today and learn how we can help you implement this new technology with a customized solution.


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