Enhance your common operational picture with artificial intelligence and advanced computing

In this AFCEA-hosted webinar, Steve du Plessis, director of technology and engineering for Hexagon’s U.S. Federal division, and Col. Ken Chadder, defense business development consultant for Hexagon’s Geospatial division, discuss how Hexagon’s geospatial solutions help defense and intelligence operators create dynamic common operating picture applications that incorporate AI, machine learning, and advanced computing capabilities.


During this webinar, you’ll see real-world examples of:

  • Visual analytics and cross-functional analyses
  • Alert notifications for geo-fencing
  • Clustering and patterning recognition
  • Advanced physics modeling
  • Integrating AI and machine learning
  • Hotspot and anomaly detection
  • CBRN integrations and analytics within a common operating picture


Improve how your agency brings digital representations of the real world into a dynamic common operating picture. Discover how Hexagon’s geospatial solutions enhance how you visualize and analyze vast amounts of complex data to better understand unfolding events.


Watch it today!

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