Alberta’s Department of Transportation leads the planning, construction, and preservation of the province’s highway network to connect communities and support economic and social growth. It is also involved in safety services, providing information and enforcement programs along with engineering solutions to promote safe driving and the transport of dangerous materials.

Following a realignment in 1996, Alberta began outsourcing many operations, including highway maintenance. Instead of actually performing work in the field and other tasks, the department managed and planned activities for contractors. Alberta needed an information system capable of managing data from outside sources and one that could provide accurate data now that the organization had fewer personnel in the field. The department wanted to enable Web access to management processes across the enterprise and develop a transportation model with dynamic segmentation through a linear network. Such a system would help Alberta ease the transition to a more distributed model of operations.

Download the case study to learn how the Alberta Department of Transportation is using Hexagon's technology to manage data, ensure accuracy, and improve network access.

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