Smart Monitoring for Wildfire Mitigation in the Electrical Supply Industry


Growing research and evidence suggests that climate change, drought-like weather conditions, and vegetation management issues are key drivers of increased wildfire activity around the globe. When these conditions are combined with power line, substation, and other problems on an electric utility grid, the resulting wildfires can have devastating effects on people, property and critical infrastructure. With the impact of climate-related wildfires showing no signs of slowing down, electric utility companies must act quickly to identify and mitigate the risks.

In this webinar you will learn how geospatial technologies can help electric utility companies proactively monitor their networks for wildfire risk factors to ensure the safety of customers and shareholders. We will demonstrate our smart monitoring solution to support wildfire mitigation programs as well as discuss:

  • Fire risk probability mapping
  • Dynamic decision support tools (incorporating 3D)
  • Workforce management
  • Mobile data collection

What if your organization could determine the likelihood of a fire to occur on its network and take action to prevent it? Think of the impact this would have on safeguarding citizens, ensuring grid integrity, maintaining service reliability, and protecting your utility's bottom line.



Dean McCormick, Head of Smart Monitoring Solutions, Hexagon

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