Embedding construction information in digital twins of smart cities


Many organizations and cities are embracing geospatial technology to create smart sites, smart cities, or smart nations. At the core of this technology, the ability to capture data to recreate a digital replica of a city — or a digital twin — allows officials to gain infinite insights for more informed decisions across applications. A digital twin allows for visualization from all perspectives, analytics interpretation, predictive analytics, and an easy way to model what could be, would be, and should be. Using technology to automate and understand the future helps create successful investments, recognize, and mitigate potential problems, and increases ROI.

Using Hexagon technology in a digital twin allows customers to publish data into OGC® Open Standards in a few simple clicks to share that data freely between other organizations, contractors, and stakeholders. Multiple organizations can manage their assets so many work orders can occur safely and efficiently at the same time, saving time and costs for all contracting parties. With visualization and management of work orders – all done in 3D – users can easily see if pipe, sewer, and road construction can safely be done simultaneously and on schedule. Hexagon’s platforms ingest various types of data – dynamic, static, 2D, 3D, IoT, sensors – all into a single platform to visualize everything in one view. Watch this webinar to see:

  • Visualization and analysis of a digital twin in 2D and 3D
  • Dynamic analysis of data coming from live sensor data and static data into 2D and 3D views
  • Understanding the impact of the road construction on the traffic flow



Our Speakers:



Nimas Anggarini
Presales Specialist



Wim Symens
Regional Sales Director



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