Outside of your company website, how easy is it to discover where you are, what you offer, and what others are saying about you? One of Google Maps Platform’s most valuable capabilities is Google Places, where implementation can be customized for your business. Not only is this point of interest (POI) database the largest and most extensive in the world, its value is unmatched. With it, you can ensure that your customers can easily sift through area recommendations, speed up and simplify shopping cart completions, and quickly fulfill requests from form entries.


Properly implementing Google Places can be a tricky challenge for even the most seasoned developers. With so many options and business cases, how do you determine which best practices will ensure a strong ROI for your organization? A couple of missteps in your implementation and you could easily blow through your monthly Google budget.


In this webinar, we will take a detailed look at the Google Places API and discuss real-world examples of how businesses are leveraging their capabilities. We will also take a deep dive into proper implementation and optimization to ensure that your investment will reap its best return. As an attendee, you will learn:


  • The components of Google Maps Places API and the many different data types that can be accessed


  • Best methods of determining how Places can meet your business use case and how to implement it


  • Optimization, its importance, and specific approaches to save your business money Don’t miss the opportunity to hear our experts share insights and best practices that we’ve learned as an authorized Google Premier Partner over the last 10 years.


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