Compressing Imagery to Save Storage Space

GeoCompressor Compression Performance Comparison


Recognizing a cross-industry struggle to efficiently compress large, high-resolution imagery and point clouds, Hexagon's Geospatial division leveraged our own Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) compression technology to design and deliver a targeted application that can compress and mosaic imagery to as small as five percent of their original size while retaining the image’s full visual quality.

GeoCompressor continues to garner a loyal following of Data Provider customers seeking to use every competitive edge to ensure their data processing pipeline is providing the best quality and providing the fastest turnaround time possible getting their data into the hands of their customers.

In this white paper, we focus on answering the question - how do you compare how fast any given software package is in producing any given file format?

Due to the abundant variety of possible geospatial image storage schemes, we contrast Hexagon’s own ECW format against other implementations and industry storage strategies. Although comparing ECW seems unusual, for about two decades Hexagon has licensed our technology to third parties and indeed our competitors. Given that our compression ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK is unencumbered in any way, how much of a difference, really, is the implementation? How much faster is GeoCompressor anyway?


Find out by downloading the white paper.


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