GeoCompressor Hardware Throughput and Requirements

Benchmarking Performance for both ECW and JPEG 2000 Compression


GeoCompressor simplifies the creation of ECW and JPEG 2000 (JP2) formats. The output is a small, high-performance, compressed format file that can be used across hundreds of software packages. GeoCompressor performance is benchmarked for both ECW and JPEG 2000 compression using different image characteristics and various types of hardware to assist in selecting optimal hardware, given input image configuration, and compressed output format.

This white paper reports benchmarking performance for both ECW and JPEG 2000 compression, comparing different image characteristics (size, bands, bit depth) across various types of hardware. It addresses common questions from prospective customers such as:

  • How fast is GeoCompressor expected to run with input size of X gigapixels?
  • I am looking to acquire new processing hardware; how will my choice impact GeoCompressor speed, and what do I need exactly?


Find out by downloading the white paper.

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