Adaptive flight mission planning

As an OEM of mission or flight planning systems for aircraft, vessel, submarine, or unmanned special-purpose vehicles, you face complex requirements.

  • Your systems may be embedded, but you may also want to run them on a tablet. Maybe your current system is java-based, but the next one may be .NET. You need platform independence.
  • You have all kinds of time-sensitive and/or domain data that you want to base your mission plan on. This may include weather data, pressure data, altimetry, bathymetry, moving objects and static obstacles, closure of airspaces or maritime corridors, and more.
  • Once your mission is set, you may want to adapt it in real-time to reflect changing circumstances. An obstacle may suddenly arise, or unexpected weather circumstances may change everything.

What you need is open, fast, and flexible software that provides you with real-time location intelligence.

In this webinar, we will discuss how our Luciad software portfolio is used worldwide for various types of mission and flight planning. Among its benefits:

  • Luciad can easily be integrated to run on different platforms seamlessly
  • It's a flexible solution that incorporates different data feeds and allows you to play, replay, and much more
  • It's a beautiful 2D/3D/4D visualization solution that meets domain-specific needs, including military symbology, aviation charts, maritime charts, real-time obstacle feeds, and more


Watch the webinar today!

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