The future of defence: Which technologies to watch

White paper

As a technology company, it’s paramount that Hexagon makes technological advancements for customers’ benefit and reinvests a large portion of its revenue into research and development. But not all innovation is new; it can also involve taking an existing capability and applying it to a different use case. Hexagon does this across its divisions and across industries.

So what's next for the defence industry? Its ever-changing landscape means looking at several variables, including:

  • Threats
    • Addressing different threats from state and non-state actors, economic conditions and public sentiment
  • Opportunities
    • Leveraging opportunities from civilian knowledge, advances in technology, collaborative workspaces and more
  • Directions
    • Alternating among peacekeeping missions, defence domain changes and political will
  • Technologies
    • Maintaining out-of-date equipment past its supported and intended life and benefiting from advancements in other industries

Download our white paper to look at 10 technology trends defence agencies and organisations need to be ready for.

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