Solving the Geo-Ops challenge:

Better situational awareness through automation of intelligence gathering and remote surveillance


Geospatial data and location intelligence are critical to ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) operations and missions carried out by defense agencies and organizations. However, connecting geospatial data products to the world of defense operations isn’t without its challenges. The specialists that create geospatial and intelligence products and the operational teams that use these products have fundamentally different levels of technology knowledge, and fundamentally different operational needs. And yet, the increasing complexity of today’s defense landscape requires these separate groups to work seamlessly together for mission success. Furthermore, the ever-increasing amount of available data forces everyone in the ISR field to consider automating workflows and tasks, inter alia using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

In this webinar, Christoph De Preter, Chief Sales Officer for Hexagon’s Geospatial division, will discuss:

  • Geo-Ops challenges across the defense domain
  • Bridging the gap between geospatial and operations for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications
  • Automation and the location intelligence cycle
  • Practical use cases and industry trends of automation that can be applied to ISR

To be successful in today’s dynamically changing military environment, geospatial specialist and mission operators must work as one team. A critical component to realizing that goal is profoundly automating geospatial and location intelligence collection, production, and analysis for C4ISR applications.

Watch this webinar and discover what Hexagon’s geospatial and location intelligence technologies can do for your organization and its mission.

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