Let Data-Driven Decision-Making Shape Your Safety Planning and Policies

Improving the safety of the transportation system is among the highest priority for any jurisdiction through programs like Vision Zero and Toward Zero Deaths. Preservation of life and maximizing the efficiency of movement within the system are necessary to meet local and federal objectives in addition to keeping taxpayers happy. Using data to drive decision-making can play a large role in helping transportation agencies achieve these objectives.

In this webinar, we will discuss the business drivers that shape transportation safety plans and policies, including government initiatives and technology limitations. We will also discuss several challenges involved with making more intelligent data-driven decision, including:

  • Inflexible data models
  • Problems with data fusion system integration
  • The need to incorporate holistic methodologies
  • How to ensure future sustainability
  • Approaches to mitigating the obstacles to data-driven safety planning

These drivers and challenges exist at all levels of government. Officials from federal, state and provincial, and local agencies can benefit from learning more about the common approaches to overcoming these challenges with the end goal being zero fatalities and serious injuries within our transportation systems.


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